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1 month ago Most reputable breeders are members of their respective breed kennel clubs and as such they have a long list of regulations and rules they have to abide by when breeding dogs while staying within the "pure breed" line. All of these regulations are to minimize the degree of inbreeding and making sure that the litter is a healthy one. There's a huge amount of tests the breed dogs have to do but they can be all summed up into 3 parts * The dog has to be mentally sound towards humans. * The dog has to be mentally sound towards other dogs * The dog has to be medically approved for breeding and even after all this - the dog needs to have several merits both in show ring and in dog sports and/or working/hunting (depending on the breed) competitions. The dog I have has done competitions for over 2 years to be approved as a candidate for breeding. Having been involved with this for years the degree of inbreeding for most breeds is ridiculously low to the point of neglectable. What you have to remember is that they are hundreds of different breeds - and the vast majority of them originate from working dog breeds. Hearding dogs, spitzer types, vermin control dogs (terriers) , pointers, spaniels, blood hounds, retrieving dogs, sight hounds etc. I can say with great confidence that the vast majority of dogs that originate from these are healthier than the vast majority of wild animals in nature due to regulated and very selective breeding. The kind of inbreeding that you are referring to are by majority related to the toy group - the kind of dogs that are meant to do nothing but sit around all day, eat, fart, shit and go for an occasional walk. These kinds of small dogs are usually the ones that are bred without any other purpose than having an specific appearance and to sell at a profit. Not surprisingly the breeds that suffer from the worst inbreeding are in the toy group. Bulldogs, Yorkshire and Boston Terriers etc. etc. etc. The blame isn't solely of conformation shows but people who buy these dogs from unreputable breeders and fuel the black market of smuggled dogs. Serious breeders will search far and wide for breed candidates to minimize inbreeding. It's not uncommon that serious breeders will import a candidate from a whole other country to breed.

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