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Center for Medical and Health Sciences Montview Student Union Home to Liberty University Flames Basketball and Volleyball teams, the facility is also used for concerts, church services, conferences, and Convocation. View Location Opened in January 2014, this beautifully designed building houses an array of study spaces including six learning commons, one technology commons, and 30 group-study rooms. Multiple terraces and balconies provide additional space to relax, and several dining options are available. View Location As the largest stadium in the Big South Conference with 19,200 seats, this impressive athletic facility also boasts a 110-foot viewing tower and houses the Football Operations Center, containing locker rooms, coaches’ offices, equipment and weight rooms, and a training facility. View Location Opened in February 2013, the Liberty Baseball Stadium features the latest turf playing surface, as well as full-length, major league-style dugouts, a fully equipped media area, two suites, a club room, and a spectator picnic area. View Location The Liberty University Tower Theater is home to the Department of Theatre Arts as well as Liberty's professional theater company, Alluvion Stage Company. View Location The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre offers students the opportunity to ski, snowboard, and tube year-round with its cutting-edge terrain technology. View Location Liberty's campus gives university guests a comfortable setting to begin their journey as Champions for Christ. The building includes a theater, meeting rooms, and offers a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. View Location The observatory includes a roll-off roof room with several 8-inch telescopes and a 10-foot DIA dome with a high-powered research-quality telescope. The facility also features an RC Optical Systems 20-inch Truss Ritchey-Chrétien telescope equipped with a charge-coupled device camera for exceptional photographs. View Location As the primary academic building on campus, this impressive structure spans 500,000 square feet over four floors and houses computer labs, classrooms and student resource centers, and a rooftop terrace. The LaHaye Ice Center is home to Liberty men's and women's hockey teams, as well as the synchronized skating and figure skating teams. Recently renovated, the ice center seats 4,000 fans and includes 10 box suites. View Location Comprised of two 9-story residence halls, the Residential Commons houses 2,200 students. The rooms in both halls feature a private bath, and every floor provides laundry facilities and a common lounge. Residential Commons III is scheduled to be completed August 2017. Additional residential facilities are also planned for the site. Completed during the Spring 2015 semester, the Science Hall features more than 20 “wet” labs, a cell-culture facility, several research labs, and more than $2 million in equipment, including a GC mass spectrometer and a gene sequencer. The new Center for Music and the Worship Arts features 124 Steinway pianos and 43 teaching studios complete with piano, songwriting, and music computer labs. Additionally, the center includes a 1,600-seat concert hall. Home to the Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine, the center includes lecture halls, a research center, standardized patient and simulation facilities, clinical medicine and anatomy labs, an extensive library, and incredible views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. View Location The Montview Student Union is a 4-story, 168,000-square-foot facility located directly behind DeMoss Hall. The student union includes a lounge overlooking the Academic Commons, retail dining venues, an art gallery, a ballroom, and a bowling alley. In addition, the building has space for academics, meetings, and offices. Moving Forward with New Construction

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